The Tale of A Dark Horse


It's 135BC and Emperor Han Wudi is desperate for a horse…but not just any horse. The horse he wants is tall, dark and handsome, fleet as a bird and free as a gipsy. But will it ever be pinned down? A tale of mystery, history and the fabulous Silk Road!

Highlights the “heavenly horses” of the Ferghana Valley, Han Wudi and his conquest to the West, and the Silk Road.

Age range 7 to 12 years.

“Sarah Brennan’s work is a meeting between traditional Asian narratives and the universal taste of children for graphic stories. The tale-telling gifts shown in these books, along with the exuberance of the language and rhymes, make them unique in children’s literature.” Tom Keneally, author of Schindler’s Ark and Ned Kelly and the City of Bees

“With their characteristic charm and flair, the dynamic duo of Sarah Brennan and Harry Harrison bring us another Chinese legend, just in time for the Year of the Horse. It’s a long way from the capital at Chang’an to Ferghana at the far reach of the Silk Road, but the ride has never been so much fun!” John Carroll, Professor of History, University of Hong Kong




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