A Dirty Story


“This is a story for girls and boys
Who don’t like putting away their toys;
Who think a bed is a trampoline
And can’t be bothered to keep things clean….”

From the creators of The Chinese Calendar Tales comes a tale of dastardly deeds and good clean fun! It’s the eve of the annual Tidy Town competition, and the Neats are working day and night to make their town look exactly right. But then the Grots hatch an evil plan with rather unexpected results!

More rollicking fun with fast-paced rhyme and fabulous illustrations by the best-selling Brennan/Harrison team.

Ages 4 to 8

“Three things. A poem, a story, and some pictures! The poem tickles, the story giggles, and the pictures romp along perfectly. Thanks, Sarah and Harry, for making me laugh.”
Tony Ross, author/illustrator, The Little Princess.

“Dirty Story is full of muck,
Good for kids who love some Yuck!
As for me, a silly old clot,
I would love to live in a town called Grot.
These books are Fun!
These books are Hot!
Go out and buy the LOT!”

Korky Paul, illustrator, Winnie the Witch.




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Soft cover with foldout flaps featuring a map of the Twinkle Downs; 28pp


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