An Even Dirtier Story


“This is a tale of two small towns
Which grace the district of Twinkle Downs:-

The first where people are good and smart
And do their chores with a happy heart;
The second where they are bad and mean
And never bother to wash or clean clean….”

Hold onto your hats! The Grots are up to their filthy tricks once more at the Twinkle Downs’ annual Maypole Dance! But they soon learn that life isn’t meant to be greasy when the Neats get even again in this rib-tickling sequel to A Dirty Story.

More rollicking fun for the whole family with Sarah Brennan’s funny, fast-paced rhymes and Harry Harrison’s hilarious illustrations.

Ages 4 to 8.

“They’ve done it again! Sarah and Harry, happily funny. Naughty kids will love this stuff, so will naughty parents. And naughty teachers. A MUST! Again, text and pictures hug each other perfectly.”
Tony Ross, author/illustrator, The Little Princess.

“Further adventures of Neats and Grots
Make me want to read lots and lots!
But as I’ve said many times before,
I’d rather be a Grot without one chore!
These books are Fun!
These books are Hot!
Go out and buy the LOT!”

Korky Paul, illustrator, Winnie the Witch.




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Soft cover with foldout flaps featuring a map of the Twinkle Downs; 28pp


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