The Tale of Temujin


Temujin the Tiger is the Terror of the East. He’s wrought a trail of destruction and fine dining from Mongolia right up to the gates of the Grand Imperial Palace in Beijing! But Princess Precious is pretty awful as well, with a talent for tantrums and an ear-piercing scream! Watch what happens when two irresistible forces collide in this hilarious rhyming tale for kids of all ages!

Features Genghis Khan and the Imperial Palace in Beijing.

Age range 6 to 10 years

“Sarah Brennan has taken Asian history and given it an unexpected twist – the great Genghis Khan is represented as a ferocious tiger! Brennan’s rapid rhymes will delight and charm readers of all ages while Harry Harrison’s illustrations are as fresh and entertaining as always.” Susan Ramsay, Editor, Young Post, South China Morning Post

“Make way for Precious and Temujin, two of the most thunderous members of Brennan’s Calendar tales family! This is another fine addition to the series, with Harrison providing his every-exciting, fittingly ferocious illustrations as always.” Berwin Song, Arts and Entertainment Editor, That’s Shanghai



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