The Tale of Rhonda Rabbit


It’s 221BC, and the mighty Emperor Qin Shi Huang is not amused. Somebody or something is stealing from the royal vegetable patch! Enter Rhonda Rabbit, one very bad bunny, with extremely annoying habits and an appetite to match! Will the Emperor save his greens, or will Rhonda Rabbit live to crunch another day? Find out in this funny and fabulous Chinese Calendar Tale!

Features the mighty Emperor Qin Shi Huang, the Great Wall of China and the Legend of the Rabbit in the Moon.

Age range 7 to 12 years.

“Warning! If you don’t have any children to read this book to, you might be greatly tempted to go out and get some. Sarah Brennan and Harry Harrison have done it again with another warm and funny tale of a Chinese zodiac creature, just in time for the Year of the Rabbit. It’s sure to be a big hit as a bedtime story!” Susan Ramsay, Editor, Young Post, South China Morning Post

“Another enchanting tale by the perfect duo…the inspiring story line and hilarious illustrations once again offer an enjoyable journey to all readers.” Michelle Liu, CEO, Parent’s Journal, Peegaboo Parenting Group, Hong Kong




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Published 2010; Soft cover with spine and laminated hotspot; 36pp


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