The Tale of Ming Kee Monkey


Ming Kee is the cheekiest monkey in Yunnan, and her jungle friends are getting REALLY annoyed! Then one day she offends the Emperor Taizong of Tang! Ming Kee flees the jungle…but where has she gone, and will she ever return? And will she ever mend her mischievous ways? A tale of mayhem, monkey business…and the getting of wisdom!

Highlights the famous Legend of the Monkey King, the extraordinary 7th century Buddhist explorer Xuanzang, and the exceptional biodiversity of Yunnan Province.

“Oh where, oh where can Ming Kee Monkey be? The other animals in Shangri-La used to long for the day that cheeky monkey would high-tail it out of town. But now that she’s disappeared, they’ve actually come to miss her. But where has she gone and what has she seen? It’s the Journey to the West like you’ve never heard it told before!” John Carroll, Professor of History, University of Hong Kong


“Sarah and Harry have done it again! They have brought to life one of the liveliest and most mischievous characters from the Chinese Zodiac. The Tale of Ming Kee Monkey is a fun read to share with kids of all ages and promises to be a hit for the entire family.” Alice Mong, Executive Director, Asia Society, Hong Kong




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Soft cover with spine and laminated hot spot; 36pp