The Tale of Pin Yin Panda


Pin Yin Panda has beauty, brains and a healthy ego to match. So on Chinese New Year’s Eve she makes a surprise announcement: next year will be the first Year of the Panda! Will the tradition of millennia be swept aside or will this practically perfect panda be put in her place? And what does the Edinburgh Zoo have to do with it? Find out in this funny and fabulous new companion story to the Chinese Calendar Tales!

Features the Legend of Lord Buddha’s Race, panda diplomacy and 12 Chinese Zodiac stickers. Launched at Edinburgh Zoo 2012!

Age range 7 to 12 years.

“I’m sure my eight grandchildren will enjoy this story of Pin Yin Panda and her adventures … A terrific book!” The Rt. Hon. Lord Patten of Barnes, Chancellor of Oxford University and last Governor of Hong Kong

“With fun rhyme and absorbing illustrations, the Tale of Pin Yin Panda is a delightful read that will enchant readers across generations.” Susan Ramsay, South China Morning Post

“A delightful book! We’ve yet to spot Pin Yin here in Scotland, but we’re keeping an eye out!” Edinburgh Zoo




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Soft cover with spine and laminated hotspot and pullout sticker page of the animals of the Chinese Zodiac; 36pp


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